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UTC Webinar: Towards Digital Transformation: Taking Control of Network Resources

November 18, 2021
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An integrated view of the current network status and its connections at all levels, usage of resources, performance and operational status is what allows the proper management of network operation and management. The more complex networks becomes, the more difficult it becomes to provide a common integrated view of the network to O&M groups and applications to correctly perform in the areas of development of the network and services, configuration, operation, diagnostics, maintenance, capacity planning and, more importantly, cyber security.
Digital Transformation requires a common knowledge base about the network and its resources and connections. The underlying network’s physical layer and resources must be integrated into this common view. The physical and logical network layers may now be integrated into a common, reliable information for the different Ops groups.
This approach allows for a streamlined and efficient operation and facilitates service provisioning, fault location, performance analysis, anomalous behavior detection, planning and security functions. Utilities may thus make their networks available to operators as a programmable network layer that allows users to easily engineer, configure and provision the connections they require.
In this webinar, Netcon provides a broad view of this idea and an example of how a modern, open, accessible and intelligent network inventory system is being used by utilities that provide access and neutral connectivity services to telecoms operators (including 5G and IoT virtual operators).
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