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UTC Webinar: Wireless Broadband Enabling Grid Modernization and Field Area Networks

July 9, 2020
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Utilities search for wireless broadband solutions with the performance required to support grid modernization and sustain an ever-growing number of connected real-time assets.  Deploying a private LTE (PLTE) system provides the performance, control, coverage, and security necessary to support utility assets.  While a standalone PLTE system may be the answer for some utilities, others search for an alternative.  The most comprehensive solution is a hybrid combination of a private utility owned LTE/5G deployment and public LTE networks.  This hybrid network can be accomplished today with a strategic approach to the deployment of PLTE components.  The adoption of PLTE has been slowed by questions surrounding spectrum, concerns about deploying 4G vs. 5G, and the perception of how complicated it is to deploy and operate.
This session addresses these questions and concerns by discussing the components of a PLTE system, technology generational differences, and presents strategies for realistic deployment which can begin today.
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