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UTC Webinar: Navigating Regulatory Compliance Mandates for Utilities Cybersecurity

November 16, 2021
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Cyberattacks on interconnected ICS/IT Networks pose high risk for security breaches with serious implications for national security and public safety. Critical infrastructure such as Energy, Electric, Water and manufacturing are major targets for cyber criminals. The higher level of connectedness across OT and IT infrastructure exposes ICS networks and devices to increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

Besides the threat of cybersecurity breaches in cost and business disruption, Recent NERC and FERC regulatory
announcements expose Utilities to significant penalties if they do not adequately protect their IT/OT networks from breaches. Insurance companies are raising rates or refusing to ensure companies that do not have the tools in place to continuously safeguard their infrastructure from attacks.

This webinar will give you valuable information and insights into the unique cybersecurity challenges and issues that Utility and Industrial companies face. Industry experts will provide useful suggestions on how to fortify and secure your most critical IT/OT infrastructure.
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