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UTC Webinar Replay: The Future of Network Reliability Through Security Controls

April 27, 2021
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As power utilities move toward digitalization for the purpose of grid optimization and economic advantage, grid reliability through security controls is paramount for the future. Furthermore, while the communications network reliability remains a top priority, network reliability has become a major challenge in today’s techo
Even though the North American Electric Reliability Corporation for Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC-CIP)
has developed a set of requirements designed to produce a safer and more reliable power grid, the security strategy to protect the grid and maintain 24/7 reliability must go beyond NERC-CIP. It must permeate the organization and include the utility’s own security policy, industry-best practices and vendor’s product embedded security features and support.

In this presentation, experts will provide an overview of NERC-CIP requirements as it relates to security and network reliability. It also tackles the impact of security on network reliability both negatively and positively. Furthermore, the presentation analyzes the various security strategies the organization must employ to ensure that utilities can deploy a modernized network without compromising reliability, survivability, operational network needs and security; delivering power safely, reliably, securely while taking advantage of the grid digitalization.
This is a replay of a session from the UTC conference in September. Questions will be forwarded to the speakers.
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