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UTC White Paper: Utility Telecoms Asset Management

UTC White Paper: Utility Telecoms Asset Management

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Number of pages:23
Year published:2022
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Utility telecommunications deployments are big, complex, and long. Utility telecommunications outages can be big, complex, and difficult. Yet, telecommunications underpin nearly all grid modernization initiatives. Designing, deploying, and managing modern utility telecommunications networks demands detailed and thoroughly accurate planning. And planning demands data.

A unified telecommunications asset register can enable the detailed and long-range planning that is required for effective planning and speedy outage resolution. The asset register can contain all telecommunications assets in a utility and track the incredibly complex number and type of relationships among assets and services. The asset register’s digital twin capability – representing the physical infrastructure and a logical model for connectivity and services – can enable simulations of outages for better continuity planning and to identify previously unobserved single points of failure. This up-to-date information can be provided to users across the organization to ensure that a utility manages its operations and business based upon a shared understanding of its asset base.

This UTC white paper examines how a single unified and reliable asset and resource manager can deliver benefits across a utility’s telecommunications infrastructure. How knowing the relationships among assets, services, and servers can enable more detailed planning for maintenance activities, better network resiliency, and more efficient staff utilization. High visibility of assets and their relationships enables faster deployments, quicker error resolution, greater understanding of utilization, and savings from reducing unnecessary travel and orders.
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